Saturday, June 13, 2015

20 years of Zackenberg

To mark the 20th aniversary of Zackenberg Research Station, viden had a story yesterday featuring some of the important discoveries. I provided a few photos. It can be seen @

Also, the daily newspaper Politiken had a feature on Zackenberg yesterday. Again with a some photos of mine. I do not have the URL handy.

This years late snow melt have given some photographic opportunities with high concentrations of wader birds and geese in the few snow free areas close to the station. We have a couple of "house" barnacle geese hanging around the station buildings. They have gotten pretty used to people now and allow for rather close approach. I have been photo hunting a bit on the sea ice after ringed seal and managed to sneak up on one. Forty meters is still a bit long even with my longest lens. I therefore placed a photo trap at the seal hole but it seems to be using its other holes afterwards. I will probably need to rescue the camera tomorrow as puddles are starting to form on the snow on the ice. I want to set up a photo trap at the place I captured the image for the stamp hoping for more musk ox activity. But there are quite few musk oxen in the area.