Monday, May 25, 2015

Musk oxen dead and alive

I found the first muskox carcass of the season the other day. It was from a recently dead bull, so it was on top of the thick snow still covering almost the entire valley. We are expecting to find quite a lot more when the snow disappears, but this year it will take a long time. Yesterday, I heard a radio beacon from one of the collars we have on muskox cows. Two of the collars no longer transmit position via sattelite but we hope the collars are still logging positions and that we may be able to retrieve these via UHF radio. First we need to find the collars though (hopefully including muskox) and this is attempted by listening for the VHF radio beacon a few times pr. day. All other the functional collars are out of range of the VHF signal so there is still hope we may get a chance to find the disfunctional ones as they may also be out of range at the moment.