Tuesday, May 8, 2012

RoboCam tested and shipped

I got hold of a charging cable and have now tested the photo robot. The range of the robot is an impressing +250m but the video/camera control link had a disappointing 50m range only. It also seemed very picky on having line-of-sight all the time. This is not good for my purpose and the good folks at Benro Sweden said I could return it due to the limited range. I will now go for a powerful dedicated 900MHz wireless videolink system and then trip the camera shutter from the gear shifting channel and make do with only one gear. I had to ship the robot ahead to Greenland last week so there will be no more testing before in the field. Here I will also install the new heavier springs I got and the extra batteries I ordered to have more flexibility. I can either get more than double the capacity by coupling the extra set in parallel or use them as spares.