Saturday, April 21, 2012

Photo robot - mobile platform

The guys at (from where I ordered the mobile platform for the photo robot) forgot to supply me with a little charging cable adapter. Therefore I have not yet been able to charge the batteries and have not done any serious testing yet. When I called them the other day they said they would slip one in the mail, but as it did not show up today I decided to stop by in person. So now I am back in business. Yesterday I fiddled a bit with the suspension and have now ordered some stiffer springs to allow for the added weight of the camera. I set the car to training mode. This limits the forward and backwards speed to 50% but to slow down even more I decided to order a replacement pinion gear with as little as 9 teeth compared to the standard 13. This will also give the car more torque. I will probably scavenge some sort of stiff plastic sheet from a storage box to seat the camera on the top. Cannot wait to test it out outside - hopefully tomorrow!