Sunday, May 19, 2013

Memory questions - XQD or fast CF?

With all my planned camera trap activities for this season, I will need to buy some more memory cards for my cameras. I got a few relatively cheap 32 GB Sandisk SDHC 1 cards for the D3200 but my other trap cameras will need CF 1 cards. The file sizes a about half size of the 12MP cameras D700 and D300 so I am going with 16GB cards. Now I already had 3 of those but I will also need something for to use in the D4 and this is where the question arrises. Should I upgrade to the ultra fast XQD cards or go with cheaper but almost as fast CF cards like the Lexar 16GB 1000x ? If I go the XQD route I will also need a new card reader... The new readers are USB3 but my laptop only supports USB2, so I will not gain anything in reading time! I am considering a Firewire 800 reader but I will still have the USB2 bottleneck to the external hard disk intended to store the images... My laptop has a very fast thunderbolt connection but the peripherals to make use of it have been slow to show up on the market... On the other hand the new macbook pros does not have Firewire 800... Oh well!