Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gear lust

I  just saw the new camera GPS ECO Pro-F by di-GPS mentioned. I have a hot shoe and cable mounted GPS from the very same company but the cable broke and this is the second one. First one got replaced for free but I had to pay customs again... The new design is promising; no cable, the flash shoe is free and the power consumption is very low. I don't really need this as we have started using small GPS loggers that continously log our tracks while moving around in the field in Zackenberg. They have an impressive battery life of about 30 hours. It is relatively simple to geotag photos in Lightroom with a plugin by Jeffrey Freidl, but it is one more step in a workflow. Speaking of workflow, I will probably get a licence to Photo Mechanic to speed up the ingestion and early cull of images. Having cards to empty from 3-5 cameras (TrapCams, Timelapse and handheld) every day will make a speedier workflow very welcome.