Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Photographic resolutions

I will be spending another long field season in Greenland this year and although there is plenty of field work, I will get a lot of photo oportunities. So what will I photograph? Well, I am open for what might come up but it can be good to make a plan too. So here goes:

Photo resolutions for Zackenberg 2013

My aim is to
  1. use more fill light - flash and reflectors
  2. do more macro - plants and insects
  3. use less extreme wide angle - carry a 50mm, 55mm or 105mm macro
  4. photograph all guests of the work station in a work situation
  5. do more panos/soundscapes
  6. record more sound in general - for slide shows or even a small radio program perhaps
  7. record more video - for slide shows
  8. try star trails
  9. do much more photo trapping
  10. do more birds
  11. spend more time with the foxes
I will go through them in more detail in upcoming posts.