Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New photo backpack?

Although I have 3-4 photo backpacks already, I am a bit tempted by the bags by f-stop. Particularly the depicted model Satori EXP. It has a great design concept: opening on the opposite side of most other photo backpacks. Crumpler used to use this concept but for some reason they have abandoned it.  What is so great about it? Well, if your are into nature photography or other outdoor photo genres you will bring your gear into the sometimes dirty, wet and muddy wild. When you want to access your gear, you put your backpack down and lay it on the sometimes dirty, wet or muddy ground or rocks. With a conventional design you would often need to lay it on the side that is sooner or later going to end up rubbing on you pack when you are going to move on - in the process transferring the grit to your back. You can sometimes manage with balancing the bag against a leg while you find that lens you are after, but doing this with the bag in more or less upright position can be risky as gear is more prone to fall out. This is all history with this design! The f-stop backpacks have a few more secrets up their sleeves; modular camera gear inserts or internal camera units as they call them. You can customize the bag and balance how much room you need for protected camera gear in comparison to other stuff that is just as important for a successful photo outing.