Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fjällräven Anorak No.8

Coming back from months of field work in Greenland, I noticed the new Anorak No.8 by Fjällräven. It is the 8th anorak they make and it is part of their so-called "numbers series".

I really like anoraks and this new model is very nice. Fjällräven is using a new heavy duty version of the G-1000 material on parts taking more abbrasion. Also, it has a very spacious hood with a closed foam filled rim - looks like they got some inspiration from the also Swedish outdoor clothing company Klättermusen on that one. The very long pit zips could also be inspired from Klättermusen. They go all the way from the pits to the lower rim of the anorak like on the Klattermusen Froste jacket. The side zippers seem to be very easy to replace should the need arise - it often does with zippers!

Another very nice detail is the big front pocket with side zippers. Fjällräven had a similar design on the Mårma Anorak (now seemingly only available in the US in some colours and sizes). Having side access to this main pocket, I find so great that I modified my latest Fjälräven Gutulia Anorak (see photo).

I was not satisfied with having the lower pocket (with side access) on the original design obstructed by the hip belt of my big backpack. After all I am carrying some sort of a backpack most of the time when in the field and very rarely a small one without a proper hip belt. Therefore, I was very disappointed to see how low the big front pocket was placed on the new Anorak No.8. If you look at the video bellow, you can see how part of the pocket fall under the hip belt after Johan Skullman takes off his backpack. Notice the marks of the belt above the lower seam of the pocket.

Another big criticism of this anorak is it's prize tag. It is clear that a lot of effort has been put into the design and details of this anorak but 3499,- DKK is a lot of money! Although I really like this anorak, I will probably not buy it.