Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First day in the field in Zackenberg after the summer break

August 17th 2012 was my first day in the field after having been home for a summer break. I went to the other side of the Zackenberg river. I had to take some lake samples and I was joined by Tenna and Birgitte who also had business by the lakes.

After taking my samples, I left the others by the lakes to go back towards the trapping station and on the way check on some fox dens. At den number 1 there was one juvenile fox. Naturally, I took some photos with the newly acquired Nikon D4 and the 200-400/4 lens. I had not yet fine tuned the autofocus of the combination, but I did get some sharp shots nevertheless.

During the season we did not check this den as often as we liked to due to the difficulty of getting to the other side. We only observed a maximum of 3 young but a quick look at the analysis of the images taken with a camera trap placed here showed that there were actually a minimum of 5 young in this den earlier. It is likely that most of them had died by this stage.

Our camera traps are often turned over by musk oxen. I suspect they use them for scratching. Above is an image of their tracks.