Wednesday, July 4, 2012

RoboCam and TrapCam

The photo robot has been ready for action for long now, but I have not been able to use it. The big amount of snow are only now disappearing but it is still very wet in most placed. Besides it does leave some tracks and marks so I will probably only first use it in the autumn when the ground is frozen again. I am considering getting some special tires for loose snow - so-called sand paddles. I tested it in slush with no success! I was also tested on mid summers eve as part of the entertainment - with great success! I made a track and the camera was replaced with a shoe - to make people drive slower... I have had little luck with the photo trap until now. First I placed it at a raven carcass near a fox den, but I guess the pups were still too young and not exploring too much yet. I have had it placed at a few ponds and lastly where I photographed the musk oxen bull at last year - but this time in the middle of the green lush vegetation hoping for some close up chewing seen through the green stems. There has been a few musk oxen there but only few photos taken and in not so good light. The many fox pup photos we go through as part of the monitoring led me to try my luck with my own photo trap at a fox den. That should give some funny pictures as the pups are now growing fast and are very playful.