Thursday, April 19, 2012

Photo robot

The partly DIY 5.8 GHz video transmitting gear I got from the USA broke before I could seriously test it. The transmitter antenne broke off taking along the soldering island. It would probably be possible to fix but the whole design was too fragile. I tried to find another more sturdy transmitter but all the ones I could find used different frequency bands! I have now got a live view wireless remote (LV-W2) made by Pixel Enterprises from Benro Sweden. This is a 2.4 GHz unit with a specified range of about 200m. This could be a little short but probably ok for the range of the RC car I intend to use as the mobile platform. The RC car is also using the 2.4 GHz band so I was a bit worried there would be interference problems. I brief indoor test yesterday was promising however. One advantage of the LV-W2 is that it takes care of both the triggering of the camera, transmits and receives the live view feed and even has an extra little onboard video camera to use when the live view is not feeding. Also, there is the option of saving and reviewing shots on the receiver screen, but I'm not sure how usefull this will be with the crude resolution of the analog video out signal of the Nikon DSLRs. Unfortunately, the HDMI output cannot be fed wirelessly by this little transmitter.