Monday, January 23, 2012


I am currently working on putting together equipment for remote controlled photography. Today I tested a video link that allows me to see the live view display of my Nikon D300 or D700 DSLRs. This is very useful for unmanned but non-autonomous photography. I hooked up the RC system of an old helicopter to be able to turn the video link on remotely and activate the trigger using two PicoSwitches from DimensionEngineering. I am still considering wether to go with a little LCD video screen or video goggles. The last will probably be nice when I attach the whole camera rig to a remote controlled car - in effect creating a RoboCam. The analog composite video output from the cameras have rather low resolution and the frame rate is relatively low so I am speculating wether a little external video camera with a suitable 12mm threaded lens would be a better option. Transmitting the camera display has the advantage that you get the preview the actual shots - but the disadvantage that the camera will use more power with the live view and screen display on!