Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Yesterday, I measured the CO2 flux in some of our climate manipulation experimental plots. We increase the temperature with about 2 °C in half of the plots to simulate a future warming. It was windy and later it started snowing and I doubted that it would be possible to do the measurements. I managed just barely without loosing anything to the wind or getting too much snow in the equipment. It was about - 12 °C but the chilling effect of the wind made it feel like - 30 °C. I had to use bare fingers to fiddle with the instruments but kept the exposure to a minimum. Also, I tried to not face the wind too much. As I was about ready to go back to the station, it was nearly whiteout - everything was white and the horizon was hardly visible. Conditions have worsened today and snow drifts are building up between the houses and the lee side walls and windows get covered with a fine layer of snow. Now I want to go out and see how the musk oxen are coping and make some pictures with them in the rough weather - after lunch. I will bring a GPS, so I don't get lost in all the white.